A Pioneer in the Environmental Remediation Industry


Formed in 1969 by Robert W. Kirk, along with sons James, Joseph and William Kirk, OHM Corp. evolved into largest pure play environmental clean-up company in all of North America.  Prior to its acquisition by IT Corp. in 1998, the company had thirty offices throughout the United States and a project portfolio that included many headline grabbing clean-ups. Notable examples include the Chemical Control Plant in Elizabeth, NJ, the Baird & McGuire Superfund site in Holbrook, MA, and the Naval Air Facility clean-up at Midway Atoll; however, this is hardly an exhaustive list.   In all, the company would go on to complete over 32,000 projects throughout the world, and in the process, develop many new, cutting-edge remediation technologies, on-site/mobile sampling techniques, and industry-leading safety standards.

This page was created as a tribute to the employees, customers, and friends of OHM Corp. who made the impossible happen and who led the charge to set the gold standard in the environmental remediation industry.  We hope you enjoy the content we have assembled.


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